Tuesday, July 21, 2009

old school

old school is grunge style of afro in 80's @New York

mAKE uP & hAIR dO: (sugi Salon),Costumes ,shoes,Accesories:ADIDAS, rotelli,La Petite, Pret A Porter.

potrait of me

the catalyst

play with more colors that are designed by CHRISTIANTO are ispiration from the dart board game.

make up&hair do(akki salon);costume and accesories(christian);black boots(rotelli)

glamours parties

devil wears prada

Make Up & Hair Do:Budi Valentino,Costumes & Accesories:acc & balck high waist(Up II Date), thyzia 1825(tube top,red shoes) miss gothic
gonna miss u all the fun times we had at the school backyard,girls.,.(let me know when one of u .v got a deal with a record label,ok.,*wink.,.)
Make up & Hair Do: Rian Ogilvy, Costumes & Accesories: Billy tjong(black dress), HOUSE of IRSAN(yellow dress) breakfast at tiffany's meet holly golightly,in morning @ 5th avenue NY
Make Up & Hair Do: Budi Valentino, costume & Accesories: BARLI ASMARA, Up II Date playfull sheep
Make Up & Hair Do: Fitri, Costume & Accesories: Lenny Agustin miss sporty dress with gold nd purple stripped ribbon details by marc jacobs
Make Up & Hair Do: Budi Valentino, Costumes & Accesories: Deddy Iriawan miss manner
Make Up & Hair Do:Rian Ogilvy, Costume:HOUSE of IRSAN miss retro turn me back in time,.!
miss class clown
Make Up & Hair Do: Budi Valentino, Costumes: BARLI

Make Up & Hair Do :Budi Valentino, Costumes & Accesories: Lucia Leaf, Anastasia Andina, Billy Tjong, Butterfly,