Wednesday, July 02, 2014

birthday bash

first, wanted to say happy birthday to her 'mrs darmo' (not in the pictr) for celebrated her birthday's with us @gardenia resort and spa . it was excited. yeah they are my partner (in the pictr)  and she's a wife of my boss in the office that i worked in. i almost missed the party, just spent all the day with my aunt amazed with air show. and we went home with satisfied ;)

mural art

Dayak Traditions

here the pictures above taken was cuple years ago by my freund who lived in west borneo, i  love this art and the culture was amazing. thought, made them on my cool skin as lyk tattoo :D
if u want to visit this 'rumah adat betang' u can stop by and it's free but come in the morning will get better pictr than u come in the night. in the weekend u can stay longer to see'dance show' dayak culture, just fyi so many pretty young gurls here but u can't take one or some. unfortunately i came here in the weekdays. this house located nearby the official residence of the governor, the locals would help you so kindly. so keep ur best attitude anywhere in ur place or u go to visit another places in the whole the world. give a gift if necessary just lyk say thanks or somthin, respect each other is a must ;) enjoyin'