Tuesday, May 06, 2014

doesn't like the icon? here i go....

most wanted ice cream in the world.lolz

look at the two guys who were dizzy looking for  directions to get somewhere place to go by the map and oh whats happened with the old man? she tried to find his wife #maybe .
be frankly.... i cannot read the map.I'm totally just blind to use it that because I'm the great traveller who don't need itinerary, fix plans, and let's get lost in.ROFL

owhh my porsche 

china town

         iconic of chinatown

ever seen this place lyk this below?!

MRT chinatown

food corner

love this one.and i just remembered one of commercial break on tv where taken at this place :d :p

don't worry all of this is halal food ;)

i got the tattoo

actually, i got  these temporarily tattoo when i went into mall cuple months ago. looks awesome on my skin but unlucky one left only, so i just putted them on for cuple days

let's hit the street

yeah gorgeous car was ready to show off (not yet)

these picture below was taken by my freund we were hangover around and the sky looks so awesome at the time and would to save our memories with some of. with no touched up .not even closed . it was ori and lovely the smoke lolz. just enjoyin it fellaz
more bissousss xoxoxoxooxox