Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the magical touch of sebastian gunawan"seba"

he is SEBASTIAN GUNAWAN (SEBA) is one of the best and my favorite designer. his basic designed are feminim,elegant, luxurious. he's professional designer for more than 15 years. his creations are also more developed and any have almost the entire line of design, "made to order" at the begun,"ready to wear", luxury ready to wear, wedding dress, and even the clothes for the children.he' started studying in Susan Budiharjo school of mode and continued to Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise in Los Angeles(LA).he also took a studied in Fashion Ilustration in Institute Artistico Deli Abbligliamento Maragoni (Milan ,Italia). he also had the opportunity as a assistant designer @ Park's Tuxedos & Bridal in Los Angeles (LA). and Egon Von Frustrenberg in Milan,Italy. he's prepared his designed in 3 months with 30 designed and been ready to show them in his first fashion show. behind of the stories his started his career, the people knew him and his designed more and more than,.lyk Singapore,Hong Kong, Malaysia.,etc. first seba lines are specially for handle hi-fashion and second line is ready to wear by label Votum and spread them to the some best he launched the next luxury lines with sebatian's red label. to more explored his soul kids he made kids clothing lines with label Bubble Girl.he never stopped to developed the ideas and give people inspirations ,he also collaborated with his couple who was also his partner.she is Chirstina Panarese. he's designed not only the desires to follow what people wants but also how are the fashions business working well. he aced combined and mix-match all of them with best ideology , ideas, and all the things. so lets do it up and show off anythings we made or have so people knows who u are what ur creations.,what ur ideas and u can change the world or everythings be better than.never waiting untill tomorrow if u can do right now.,ASAP,. *ps..,.another fave designer beside seba is "KANAYA TABITHA".,i wish know about her as much as i knw SEBA and will wrtting more about her on my blog.,her basic designed not too different with SEBA but must be different each others,.can't waiting,.


ARIGATOU <3 <3 <3

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