Monday, August 24, 2009

paradise of summer

red floral sandals(nevada),brown waist shorts(ZARA),gray waist belt(f21), orange sailor sleeveless-shirt(mango),vest(topshop),red bag(fellini) beige sneaker peak(converse),denim skirt(ninety degrees by logo) , blink-blink shirts(mango),gunny bag


  1. Ooh I love the jewelries in the first picture! That's where I like to shop for jewelries - at markets and thrift stores and yard sales :)

    And thank you for all the sweet compliments dear!


  2. owh yeah hunted more stuff all over the stores and even the worlds :DD
    i actually have many picture about that jewelries but lost them pictr ahh i always forgot anything at all.,huh;//

    my pleasure hun


  3. OMG thank you so much for that comment it meant to much to me that people read my blog i feel so lucky!!!!
    (:You are such a beautiful person, i really really like your hair, you are really pretty! The photos you take are so interesting to look at, i got so excited i went through your archives!
    im new to blogging and i dont know many people yet and it would be so cool if we could be friends.
    maybe you could give me tips on how to make my blog as cool as yours!
    (: it would be soo cool if you could consider following me as im like a loner with zilt followers... but if not, seriously DW im happy anyway just knowing you.
    I follwed you
    i like your blog. A LOT

  4. geez ,.u don't have to bebe ,u should've got more franqly i adore ur pictrs so why not.,?i wouldn't to be lyk boastful or arrogant person but i would be a great friendly one.wish can help the people who need my help or anything i can do at all and with my pleasure :)).,.

    omg,.did u say my hair are so awe.,?lol but yeah i'm glad u lyk my hair but i don't think so,.:DD bad hair day in this photos and i cutted off my hair these day.

    just re-take the photos and make them better with photo editor.

    i'm new on blog too hun and just say hii to people nd tried to be friendly.and i update my blog more than twice and now i feel enough to love my blog.yeah absolutly dear we can being nice friends or close or best friend not only for this site:))honestly.
    actually just do what u want with ur blog with considering what people usually often to do update their blog and don't be afraid to get yr own style lyk me,i'v colorful blog with odd setting and preferences but i'ts make u look different than another but still chic .hahhaa.,.such a great or senior,loool.,
    so the point is always update ur blog once per weeks depend on your untill u'v get a cool blog lyk u want.i'm ur side so just share to me if u need help or question .
    dont be shy or stranger.

    okay insyallah i do.follow ur blog and get more inspirations from the people at all.,

    i love ur xplanation thanks for the compliments.,

    stayed in touch.,


  5. thank you so much for all those compliments!

  6. thank you for your comment!
    your hair looks cute

  7. Love love those jewellery in the 1st photo !!

    And your outfit is really chic,keep posting !

  8. my pleasure .,.,suzan,.

    okay yeah and thanks .,.issz

    yeah everyone seemed lyk love the jewelries,.
    okay ,.,.valen

    stay in touch.,.


  9. omgg (: i read your repy to my comment and i was so happyyy! you are such a nice perssonn!
    i think we should be friendss (:
    email me at
    ill reply (: let's be like online email buddies!
    im so sorry, i thought i was following you, i think it's cuz i pressed it twice and if you press it twice you like stop following
    I LOVEE YOUR BLOG (: hehehehhe
    stay in touch

  10. oooo.,.i'm glad i just failed it just misunderstood ah okay:)

    'i thought u was angry,disappointed or something because of my comments ,.lol

    i keep my mine to be nice person for u and people who i know or no but i would to know out there at all :))

    humm lil a bit probb ,i only chek my mail or opened the inbox if i should've to do lyk confirmed my new profile online or something and i nver knoe before about 'online email buddies'haha,just being pretty suck.,
    so what is it and how to use it .,.?just xplain a bit for me .!!

    for a while u can added me on facebook or my yahoo:))
    i'll waiting for,.,.,.


  11. Cool blog you have! Love your style! And wow that wall with al the posters on it is soooo cool!!!

  12. awhh love when people said my blog is so cool.
    i'm very glad people and including u love my style. i decided my style and that outfits for every one and i wish do the best i can and be inspirations ever :))

    stay in touch ,


  13. What a fun post girl! I love your inspiration and shopping trip :P


  14. You and your friend have such great style. and i love the first pic... i'd love to have that bracelet collection! :)


  15. thanks for visiting my blog ann.,
    i'd love shopping and vacation around the world,.thanks for the compliments,.

    stay in touch,.


  16. ayyee thanks for visiting my blog.i appreciate it.

    she is not my friend but my lil,.haha,.
    just pretty different :DD

    huh,.every one almost love my first pictr,.lol
    glamours ahh,.

    stay in touch,.


  17. Thanks for the comment, That looks like fun, I love doraemon :D. Also love your shorts!

  18. okay no problemmo :))

    thanks for visited my blog and for the comments and compliments,.

    yeah we had fun so much in summer ,
    doraemon,sailor moon are my fave too <3 <3 <3

    ehh ohh,.i just wearing a denim skirt and she is my lil ,wearing a brown shorts but actually its mine :))

    stay in touch.,.


  19. I love these photos. So colourful, fun and pretty. xx

  20. i love whole the photos are terrific.,.:)))


  21. Wow, nice should have stolen that nifty little shit!

  22. yeah i love riding my motor and racing,.
    wish be the winner one day :DDD


ARIGATOU <3 <3 <3

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