Tuesday, June 10, 2014

how's terrific west borneo

yeap, i stayed here for cuple years and i would to be here ;) .when i got the free time and do nothing i just hangover around here somtimes with my freunds or just me alone. brought my camera and took some pictures. they are so terrific at all. the view, the bridge, the air, the church, and even the best kraton are terrific. so many ethnic cultures here, different religion but they are so kind and respect each others. but Chinese is dominant. so dont look surprised if u are moeslem u have to ask about the food. they would to say the truth is (lyk in sgpore). so come and visit here .yea i forget somthing. one of the best legend in here " when u drink once the water from one of the river, it is kapuas river, u wouldnt leave this city and u really would to stay" u wanna try.? it's seems lyk happen to me because anywhere i go, i always missed this damn city and will come back again, again, and over again .

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